A warm, sophisticated woman with a talent to inspire

Psychic Glasgow, Yvonne Lillie

Yvonne Lillie is a Glasgow psychic and medium

She travels around the UK to appear before audiences and read for individuals, celebrities, and business people demonstrating her abilities. She also regularly does telephone readings for a number of international clients.

She is a passionate, enthusiastic medium who is driven about the work that she does and is committed to bringing professionalism, quality and integrity to all aspects of it. Her consultations, events and demonstrations often touch people in deeply meaningful ways and she aspires through her work to bring insight, inspiration, guidance, upliftment, comfort and healing to those with a need.

She has extensive experience in the business world and is often asked by managers and directors to consult with them on their business situations.

She is also a qualified and experienced psychotherapist and combines her understanding in this area with her spiritual gifts to work with many people who may be concerned about particular relationship situations in their lives.

Yvonne has also given talks and small demonstrations to universities and groups of students studying religious and psychic studies.

Her clients often report that they are amazed by the insight, accuracy and quality of the information she receives with her psychic readings.

Yvonne also has a small team of quality mediums and psychics who assist her for specific events.