"I was amazed by the insight, accuracy and quality of the information she received."

Yvonne Lillie psychic medium services

Individual Consultations

Yvonne can provide private consultations for people either at her own business address or at the client’s premises. A private consultation may involve communicating with loved ones that have passed over to the other side of life, or connecting in with the client’s energy and also perhaps the energy of other people in their lives around them today.

Each client wants something different from a consultation. Some want to look at their relationship situation or their work/career situation or indeed anything that may be of interest to them. Some want to hear from loved ones that have passed on.

Telephone readings can also be arranged but do require prior booking.

Public Demonstrations and Events

Yvonne can provide talks, lectures or demonstrations of Mediumship to groups of individuals and organisations according to individual requirements.

Clients may include universities or colleges requiring talks or interested in research, churches, charitable bodies, marketing organisations arranging corporate events or in fact any organisation or company that wishes to arrange an event e.g. promotional client evenings, staff nights, workshops and specific organised events with a psychic theme.

Celebrity Dinners and Small Group Events

For people who want to see Yvonne in a more intimate setting minus the crowd, these events may be for you. You can book an evening with Yvonne at your own home or venue of choice and enjoy the experience of a more intimate evening with Yvonne for celebrity dinners, VIP events, promotional client evenings, company staff evenings, or simply a group of friends who wish to get together for an evening with a difference. She can conduct demonstrations to these small groups or provide personal individual consultations for guests.

Business Intuitive Coaching

Yvonne has extensive experience in the business world and combines her business skills, coaching experience and psychic abilities in working with Senior Managers, Company Directors and Organisations to help them with any business related issues, inspiring them on how to move forwards and getting to the root of any issues or problems that may be around.

Training Courses and Events

Yvonne has many years of experience facilitating groups who wish to develop and stretch their Intuitive, Psychic and Mediumistic abilities. Strengthening these skills can bring an extra and very useful dimension to anyone applying them to their day-to-day activities and can also help those who wish to use their skills in the professional arena.