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Believe in Yourself


Self-belief is something we all strive for, whether it is in business or our relationships or simply in any aspect of our lives. The more we can simply 'be who we are' the more our lives can be satisfying and ultimately fulfilled. When we try to fit ourselves into someone else's image of who we should be or who they want us to be, this can lead to us feeling 'shut down' , suppressed and disempowered

Being all that we are capable of being requires courage, a great deal of self-honesty and a great deal of self-trust. The more we can move in this direction, the more we feel empowered and free in our lives, free to be who we really are.

Just for today, imagine you go to bed tonight and an angel comes along and sprinkles some 'magic dust' over you, so that in the morning you wake up and the 'miracle' has happened, your life is exactly how you would want it to be. What would have happened, how would you know that the 'miracle' had taken place, what would you notice or see or hear that tells you everything has changed.................................perhaps in these thoughts and images lies some gifts of what you would ideally like to change in your life for the 'miracle' to be evident, for you to feel fully abundant and happy with all that you have, for you to feel empowered.